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TRACK 33 - 3:16 - FGTBD2

3:16 - UTK
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Faith in a mustard seed Im catching up to what I dreamed/

Was in a rush but couldn't keep up with the other teams/

My mother must've seen enough because she structured me

To just believing in myself don't ever let another lead/

Then I proceeded to the self help and books to read/

I realized that people envy what they don't receive/

Eventually its what they need even if you bleed/

No sentiment and now you green to the crooks and thieves/

A bunch of Busters feel the need try to cut the feed/

Trust is easy when a wolf speaks like he just a sheep/

Enough defeat/ Never shook be like the blowing trees/

A brother leaves tell him go free no discussion please/

All the love it wasn't for the brotherhood it was for greed/

Motivated others to give up and that was tough for me/

But luckily enough was seen to up and leave a troubled team/

Im stuck between always showing love and always loving me/

Shout out my younger brothers and my cousin D/

They always showed me love from far and in between/

Our mothers helped us rise above so many other things/

I wish we could've helped each other grow into some Kings/

The trouble started teenage with growing pains/

When we age we cant believe ways they want us tamed/

Cant be caged need to be free and go explore the range/

Easily see we need more than mom could afford to bring/

Time is a force its important finding the chosen lane/

Either its sports or its entertainment detour the gangs/

Common of course we need fortune tryna avoid the rain/

The only choice was evolution/ Boyz II Men/

They looked at us like we crazy go away/

We changed for sure but refrained cause we didn't know the way/

We cant just roll em We pray blow them and hope it pay/

We thankful No role models so we just molded clay/

And God did the same you know He shows the way/

Would've totally strayed away but he told me to wait

Until it all unfolded the way that the story should play/

Thats how I noticed those approaching would show me embrace/

He sent anointed angels to me helped me run the race/

Marathon mode so I keep up the pace/

Heroin flow/ I got some dope it got me feeling great/

Here I go/ the arrogance my head it will inflate/

Still I grow/ with no comparisons to demonstrate/

In my zone/ don't get embarrassed when Im in your face/

It's no phones/ Im from the era where we get the fade/

TheN go home/ Now in America we scared so we just sit home trolling/

Sitcoms don't hit my home when/

Its written by the me-too grown men/

Cause we too grown man/

We need to teach to reach our own man/

Cause we compete when we see strong men/

And we defeat the reason ancient people was all kin/

Its deeper than dark skin/

We need to be talking bout what our hearts cant/

Bare start believing the darkness where all sharks at/

Dare you start bleeding in water and cause a shark attack/

When you in the deep and need God to leap in and watch your back/

Force you to believe cause you're still breathing and all in tact/

Fortune to be so relieved even though y'all attract/

Sorcerers and legions of evil keeping you all distracted/

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